Door Installation

HDW installs a variety of hollow metal, storefront exterior, PLAM, and wood veneer interior door units, along with commercial door hardware for turnkey installations that are complete and ready for service. We believe in listening to our customers about their doors in Houston, TX, to find out their needs, security concerns and budgets in providing the best and most cost-effective commercial doors available to meet those requirements.

Hollow Metal - single, double or custom Sidelite & transom door units with the proper commercial door hardware that meet state and local code requirements are our specialty. No matter the building construction, we will fit a new unit to your current opening or building. Concrete cutting is available for tilt-wall and cinder block construction in applications where an opening is needed to meet fire code enforcements. As part of our door installation in Houston, TX, we can discuss the best solutions for security concerns in doors that are vulnerable to break-in.

Storefront commercial doors provide a more eye-pleasing aspect to your business entry, not to mention light and a view of the outside. These doors can be made with narrow (2 ¾), Medium (3 ¾) or wide (4 ¾) stiles, as well as wider top, mid and bottom rails that can add to the security and durability of the door unit. A wide variety of commercial door finishes are available, but the most common are clear aluminum and dark bronze. These commercial doors are very versatile in the fact that they can be made to fit practically any opening and easily made to fit custom applications with a wide choice of glass types, colors, insulated, and security glass as well. Please bear in mind that any door installation that is custom in design, finish and using specialty glass reflects in the cost of such a unit. We will work with you to provide the best unit for your budget.

PLAM (plastic laminate) and wood veneer doors on aluminum or hollow metal frames are mainly used for interior office applications and are not recommended for exterior use. There are numerous selections and sizes of laminate and veneer commercial door options. The taller doors (8’, 9’, and 10’) are heavy and can put a lot of stress on butt hinges, especially with aluminum frames that in time will cause the door to “sag” and rub the frame. Hollow metal bears up better in these conditions but is not as elegant looking as aluminum. Please consider this factor when choosing the type of frame to use – aluminum works best with shorter lighter doors. Taller doors require a stouter frame for longer durability.

Whatever your door installation needs are, we can help you make that good choice that you will be most satisfied with in the long run.